Youth Leaders of Europe

Our Youth Association Lug Open Factory is working side by side with other organisations from Galicia, Portugal and Italy in this project called Youth Community Leaders in Rural Areas of South Western Europe more Known as YouLeaders *(Project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 “Cooperation partnerships in the youth”)

What do we do in this Project?

This project is aimed at covering the needs of rural young people between 14 and 19 years old related to sustainable development and social innovation. This is possible through a capacity-building course provided by experts from the organisations. 

What are exactly the modules to work on?

  1. Community-based Youth Leadership 
  2. Social Innovation + Self-entrepreneurship
  3. Digital competencies + Environmental issues
  4. SDGs + Gender Equality

Here in Galicia from the Lug Open Factory Side, we are working together with the IES Quiroga (Secondary School in a rural area of Lugo Province) and also with Quiroga city council and Samos City Council.

We have been working with 16 youth from this place last course. We stopped in the summer and we will start our work with them again in a few weeks. This time we will start with the capacity-building course simultaneously in all the countries, but of course, we are going to adapt the rhythm to our young. The idea is to work around the topics with different activities each month, until the end of the course 23-24.

To complete this task, In Lug Open Factory we have experts with the necessary knowledge to teach these contents from a non-formal education perspective. Besides, the contents of the 3rd module have been created by us, so in this module, we will go even deeper. Young people will have the possibility to work, learn and live experiences inside a National Park to get more knowledge and esteem for our own environment.

What is in the end?

The main objective is to create a new rural community with young leaders ready to share their knowledge with other young people from their place and also from other places in Europe. For this reason, complementary to the course, young will have the possibility to travel to different events in Brussels and Trapani to participate and involve themselves in debates and also in a design thinking event with other young from Portugal and Italy.