Lug Open Factory Internships

... is our international internship program for all young people who want to come to do their internships at companies in Lugo.

If you want to develop your professional internship with us you can contact us.

Our Internships include accommodation in our facility.

Maximum period: 6 months.

Simultaneous places: 4

Annual places: 8

Young people between 18 and 30 years.

with us...

You have

Solutions for your legal procedures.

Accelerate the process through our acceptance letter.

Find your company, where you will develop your practices.

You can

Have your accommodation in our center with other young people.

Participate in our training program.

Develop your idea or project in our incubator and Fab Lab.

You will work

With tutors.

In a young environment.

With a extensive team.

In the development of a personal project.

our spaces...


Shared room With WC and TV.

Work Space

Shared place to create synergies.

Design Space

To develop your projects and prototypes.


Where you can meet other young entrepreneurs.

Fab Lab

To give life to your prototypes.


A space especially created for young people.

Our help

  • Step by step advice from the beginning of application process.
  • Help with the realization of CV and Letters of Presentation.
  • Search for internships
  • Management and implementation of internships / traineeship agreements.
  • Assistance in obtaining documentations.
  • Advice with accommodation, language courses
  • Visa information, application.
  • Liability insurance.

We can help you with sponsorships if you already have a company

You can apply for Internships, if:

  • You are enrolled in a university and wishing to have an experience abroad,
  • You have graduated no more than a year from a university or your study program.
  • If you have a personal interest in developing a project.

Requirements for all participants:

The field of practice / residency must be related to studies, and the level of Spanish / English must be sufficient to interact.

You must have sufficient funds to complete the required program.

Most of the practices are not paid. To be able to do an unpaid practice, the candidate must prove to have at least 900 euros during her/his stay in Spain.

available areassectores dispoñibles

Business Management
Digital Marketing
Hostel Management
Leisure and Free Time
Event Management
Unregulated Education
European Project Management
3D Printing


Contact with our manager via email:   to have a phone conversation or Skype.

  • First installment payment.
  • Skype interview.
  • Candidacy documentation.

  • English and Spanish level
  • Proposal
  • Documentation application.