“YouLeaders the key role of Young people”

by Iheb Fendri

The project, titled “YOUTH COMMUNITY LEADERS IN RURAL AREAS OF SOUTH-WESTERN EUROPE is being implemented in collaboration with multiple partners. Lug Open Factory and the Galicia Europa Foundation from Galicia, two NGOs (Cáritas and Rostro Solidario) from Portugal, as well as a University of Rome called LINK and the Agrigento Trapani Foundation, who serves as the project leader, from Italy.


The participants of our program are young individuals ranging from 14 to 19 years of age. The primary objective is to provide these young people with comprehensive training in various fields and subjects, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their chosen endeavors. Through the program, aiming to instill in them a spirit of creativity and innovation, encouraging them to come up with unique ideas and projects. Ultimately, the goal is to empower these youths, allowing them to realize their full potential and make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. YouLeaders’ primary focus is to promote the development of rural communities by empowering young individuals to become key contributors to sustainable development and social innovation.


What kinds of activities will be carried out?

Design Thinking dynamics based on a board game to create a presentation session at partner centers such as schools, associations, and municipalities. This will help to identify suitable candidates for the program. The goal is to ensure that we select young individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in their communities and who have a keen interest in developing their skills and knowledge.

Once the candidates are selected, they will do a training course led by a consortium of six organizations and institutions from Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The course will be delivered by a team of specialized tutors with extensive experience in the education and vocational training sector. The ultimate aim is to select 30 young men and women from each country to participate in the program of innovative capacity.

As a way to recognize the knowledge and skills acquired during the YouLeaders course, Youlears will allocate individual mentoring sessions with experts to a certain number of young people per country. This personalized mentoring will provide an opportunity for young individuals to work with experienced professionals and gain valuable insights into social entrepreneurship. As a reward for their hard work and dedication, some of the groups will have the opportunity to collaborate with a local committee of experts to take their project further and present it at the final meeting.

In addition to the mentoring sessions, participants will also have the chance to attend a peer learning event in Brussels, known as the Hackathon Day. This event is designed for facilitators, trainers, and young people who have participated in the YouLeaders program. It is an opportunity to showcase the ideas and proposals developed during the program and recognize those that have the greatest social impact.

The YouLeaders program will culminate in a closing event held in Trapani, Italy. This event will serve as a platform to showcase the projects developed during the program and launch a communication campaign aimed at promoting the work of our young leaders. The hope is that these young individuals can serve as a source of inspiration for other young Europeans living in rural areas. With their creativity and innovation, they have the potential to make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.

In addition the program is designed to offer a creative, challenging, and fresh methodology to promote personal and professional growth for young leaders. It aim to establish transnational debates and training opportunities, as well as local and transnational experiences, to broaden perspectives and encourage cultural exchange. Additionally, Youleaders prioritize the development of important skills and knowledge by providing innovative training based on hybrid learning. This training includes several modules aimed at promoting gender equality, raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), fostering social innovation, enhancing digital skills, and improving knowledge and understanding of climate change, environmental issues, and the circular economy. By combining these elements, the program seeks to empower young leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to make a positive impact on their communities and beyond.