Young people between 18 and 30 years old are wanted to participate in the 1st edition of the Xuventude Mentoring na Empresa program.

This program of the Department of Social Policy and Youth of the Xunta de Galicia seeks to enable young people to improve their chances of entering the labor market by completing a paid internship in a company, of a minimum of 300 total hours. and a maximum of 3 months, extended between the months of September and November 2023.

For participating in the program, participants will receive a training fund of a minimum of €630 per month, increasing by €100 per month for travel expenses and another €100 per month in the case of people with a disability equal to or greater than 33% up to a maximum of €830..

In addition to the internship, participants will also have a complementary training plan in skills and competencies for employment that can be taught in person, telematic or mixed mode.

The participating companies are:

Different R&D&i, finance, human resources, technological, administrative and/or business development and customer service profiles that fit with the departments of these companies may participate.


Be between 18 and 30 years old
Be registered in Galicia for at least 1 year.
Be registered and appear as a beneficiary of the National Youth Guarantee System, within the scope of the Autonomous Community of Galicia.

During the selection process the following conditions will be taken into account:

Proving that they are victims of gender violence to the applicant or parent: 2 points.
People with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%: 2 points.
People at risk of social exclusion: 2 points.
Seniority in the National Youth Guarantee System until the end of the application period in the entity: 0.10 points for each month registered (up to 1.5 points).
The age of the applicant with the following scale (up to 1.5 points):
Over 28 years: 1.5 points.
From 26 to 27 years: 1.3 points.
From 24 to 25 years: 1.1 point.
From 22 to 23 years old: 0.9 points.
From 20 to 21 years old: 0.7 points.
From 18 to 19 years old: 0.5 points.
Having been a beneficiary of an individual grant from the Galeuropa program: 2 points.
Having been a participant in Xuventude Mentoring: 2 points.


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