RE.CO.LO.CA.  is the network of local collaboration by the Lugo open Factory in the environment  of Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs project.

AYCH is a Project of Interreg Atlantic Area aimming to strenghten young people’s start-ups via new Technologies.

Who can participate?

All the public and private organizations that are not, but want to learn more about youth, creativity and new Technologies.

It would be just enough to contact with the AYCH coordinators which will organize an interview to set an agreement.


Organizations of RECOLOCA will take part in AYCH by:

  • Participating to local, national and international events such as local creative jam, international creative jam etc.
  • Participating to local, national and international trainings such as workshop, seminars and MOOC.
  • Creating trainings by the means of the Project.
  • Participating of experts to counselings by young participants of the program in local, in national and in international levels.
  • Contributing to fablab and international incubator projects.
  • Contributing to  residencial, Exchange and internship projects. Participation in the network of young international ambassadors.

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