Animal Voices of Europe: an unforgettable experience

The chronicle of this Erasmus + meeting in Lugo goes through these lines to represent the excellence and commitment of European youth when they are presented with a topic that is of interest to them and how they jointly bet on developing elements to improve the Europe of the 2050. After a great analysis by 30 young people from Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Spain, Italy and Slovakia, they worked on animal welfare as one of the most serious problems that human beings have today and therefore course the coexistence of animals with humans and humans.

The possible problems of each country were put on the table and work was done in order to obtain a common solution, or at least some common solutions. The ideas arose through the innovative dynamics of Design Thinking and new technologies to reach the last day of a great Hackathon where ideas and projects became real and realistic prototypes that we will show you throughout the days.

It has been a lot of work but it has been more pleasant to see 30 young people working together, transnationally and above all learning, receiving training and sharing, making fun also a phenomenal meeting point where everyone has shared the ultimate goal of these Erasmus meetings, search for a better Europe.

Xosé L. Garza – General Coordinator Lug Open Factory