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Rural Voices of Europe vs Lug Open Factory

by Xosé L. Garza

These days, young people from Serbia, Ukraine, Italy, Lithuania and Galicia were with us at the Rural Voices meeting promoted by the Lug Open Factory as part of the Erasmus + program to promote the mobility of European youth. The practical aim was for young people from all over Europe, aware of their areas of influence, to think about the possibilities of European youth in these rural areas.

The strategy was to achieve a range of ideas, thoughts and prototypes to be transmitted to the rest of society through various media and to assess the future of the 2030 Agenda and the concerns of youth. We have been in a pandemic for two years and in the end it was clear, despite the entrepreneurial spirit we had to work hard on the dynamics of thought as this habit has changed a lot in our youth and not being in an academic environment costs more to develop; despite all the results have been pleasurable and we will soon make public their concerns and concerns as well as their solutions.

Galicia is without a doubt a mainly rural space, and the province of Lugo is a good example of this, so all this youth also had the opportunity to visit very rural areas such as the Courel, Triacastela and Samos area and even go to other also rural areas in the Lugo Navy. In this context, the Director General of Youth, Participation and Volunteering and the Territorial Delegate of the Xunta in Lugo also expressed concern and came to visit the boys to share with them their concerns that have a lot to do with the countryside.

Today these thirty young men and women left and we hope that their experience was very pleasant and they had the opportunity to meet, to know and to think about what will be the future of a land that many condemned and that the pandemic showed as the most interesting to live. . You can see the photos on our facebook.